Scripture Union (Junior & Senior)

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Banbridge Academy Magazine 2015-2016: Scripture Union Article


For pupils in Years 8-10.

Meets every Tuesday in Lecture Theatre at 1.10pm.

Junior Scripture Union shares the good news of the gospel with pupils in exciting and relevant ways. We’re passionate about bringing the Bible to life and introducing young people to a faith in Jesus.

Staff: J Erskine, L Duke, D Irwin


For pupils in Years 11-14.

Main gathering meets every Thursday in Lecture Theatre at 1pm.

Senior Scripture Union is an opportunity for students to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. They is a varied programme in place throughout the school year, ranging from Small Groups and Prayer Meetings, to the Weekend away and the Formal. All pupils in years 11-14 are very welcome!

Staff: J Clarke, C Beacom, N Paolucci, L McConkey, H Morrison, S McCurdy, D Wilkinson.