16th January 2020

Academy pupils raise money for Concern Worldwide

Back in October of last year, a small group of Year 13 and Year 14 pupils from Banbridge Academy became Concern WorldWide Ambassadors following a short training and information session from Dylan Murdock, fundraising executive with the charity.

Concern are known for their annual ‘Fasting’ events to highlight and raise funds for some of the most poverty stricken parts of the world, with a particular spotlight at the moment on the Central African Republic. The pupil ambassadors were keen to host their own ‘Fasting’ events in December, with pupils in Years 8 – 12 given the opportunity to take part in a Digital Media fast and Sixth Year pupils invited to give up all food and drink (except water) for a 24 hour period. The group also ran a Christmas Candy Cane delivery service and in total raised £1,000 for this very worthwhile cause.