School Documents/Publications

A Level

Information for Univeristy Admission Officers

Year 13 Career Information

Year 14 – UCAS and Career Pathways

A Level Subject Choices Booklet 2024

Year 12 Options Presentation

Subject Choices – Year 12

External students who are interested in joining the Sixth Form should refer to the Admissions section of this website.


GCSE Choice Booklet 2024

Year 10 Options Presentation

Subject Choices – Year 10

Key Stage 3 

Year 8 Homework Timetable September 2023

Year 9 Homework Timetable September 2023

Year 10 Homework Timetable September 2023

Virtual Parent Consultations

Parent guide – Schoolcloud

Video Appointment – How to attend

PTC Messages 2023-2024

Assessment & Reporting

Banbridge Academy School Exam Rules 2023 -2024

Revision Guidance – Learning How to Learn

Effort Level Explained

Stress during Exams or life

Sixth Form Tracking – Parent Guide

Years 8 – 10 Exam Timetable Summer 2024

Year 11 Exam Timetable Summer 2024

Public Examinations

General examination queries email address: examqueries@banbridgeacademy.org.uk

JCQ Information For Candidates

Examination Rooms/Venues

Special Consideration Application Form

Public Exams Assembly – Summer 2024

Public Examination/Controlled Assessment Tasks 2023/24

Centre Assessed Work

Banbridge Academy Internal Appeals For Centre Assessed Work Policy

Request Form For Review Of Marking – Centre Assessed Work

School Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy

GDPR Data Protection Policy

GDPR Privacy Notice

Internal Appeals Policy

Medication Consent Form

Misuse of Drugs 23

Pastoral Care Policy

Positive Behaviour Policy

Pupil Code of Conduct 23

RSE 24

RSE programme 24 Appendix B

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Uniform List 23-24

SIMS Parent App Usage Policy