18th June 2018

AntiBullying Ambassadors National Youth Board

Banbridge Academy is pleased to announce that Kathryn McGrath is now our representative on the AntiBullying Ambassadors National Youth Board. 

Here is a message from Kathryn:

My name is Kathryn McGrath.  I am 14 years old and I am currently in Year 11. Due to my background in such sports as swimming, cross-country and rowing, both within and outside school, I wanted to apply to the Youth Board as I strongly believe that bullying is overlooked within this social sector. Competitive sports require a lot of training, support and motivation from your peers.  However due the competitive nature of sport some can be made to feel trapped or ‘not good enough’ by others who believe they are more talented, athletic or deserving. Through the Youth Board, I want young athletes to feel proud, no matter what team, league, level or club they play/compete with. Through my involvement with this project, I want to ensure that my fellow teammates and peers are able to make valuable friendships, connections and memories – like I have – without having to deal with the harmful effects that bullying can cause.

I recently attended an Antibullying Conference at Facebook Headquarters in London and will hopefully be going back to London for more training this summer. You can read more abut this trip by following the link below.  I am extremely thankful for this opportunity to be involved with the Youth Board where I hope to make a stand against bullying not only within sport but in all aspects of school life!

Kathryn McGrath Trip