27th February 2020

Banbridge Academy Dance students hold Dance Recital

On Tuesday 25 February, Banbridge Academy Dance students held their inaugural Dance Recital. Pupils from the Junior and Senior Dance teams, showcased their team routines for the upcoming NICMAC and UFAD competitions, choreographed by Mrs Ruth Cobb in addition to performing a series of solo Dance routines, to an audience of parents and friends. Heather Leonard, Year 11, performed a ballet solo, Violet Coen Year 9 and Gemma Uprichard Year 13, each performed a Lyrical Solo and Kerri Henry performed a traditional Irish Jig. Solos were also sung by Leah Radcliffe Year 11 and Larissa Harte Year 13. It was a very enjoyable evening which exhibited the talents of the 40 pupils involved and was a tribute to the hours of rehearsals they have devoted to throughout the year.