8th November 2017

Banbridge Academy – Top Candidates in Northern Ireland Examinations

Banbridge Academy is delighted to report that the Northern Ireland Examinations Authority CCEA has informed the school of the top candidates across Northern Ireland in the public examinations last summer.


A Level 2017

Ciaran Duffin                      1st – Software Systems Development (Teacher – Mr Hanlon)

Morgyn Lutton                  Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Fallis)

Beth McCullagh                 Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Gaffney)

Beth McCullagh                 Joint 2nd – French (Teacher – Mrs McCullagh)


GCSE 2017

Ellen Rountree                  1st – Home Economics (Teachers – Miss L Elliott/Miss K Jess)

Beth McCullough              2nd – Technology & Design (Teacher – Mr Robinson)

Niall Thompson                3rd – English Literature (Teacher – Miss McCormick)

Rhys Murphy                     Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Fallis)

Bethany Mitchell              Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Fallis)

Holly Hanna                        Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Casey)

Isabella Innocenzi            Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Casey)

Sarah McCallister             Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Casey)

Emma McElderry              Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Casey)

Emilia Moore                     Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Casey)

Jodie Morrow                    Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Casey)

Neve Wilkins                      Joint 1st – Art & Design (Teacher – Mrs Casey)


The Headmaster, Mr McLoughlin, was delighted to receive the wonderful news from CCEA.  He stated these phenomenal results are testimony to the endeavours of all of our pupils, the commitment of the teaching staff and the support of parents. We congratulate all of our pupils on their fantastic achievements.


Context from previous press releases


Our A Level results this year are the best ever obtained in Banbridge Academy.  The pass rate was an impressive 100%, with an outstanding 85.2% of pupils achieving 3 grades A*- C.  Out of the 183 pupils who entered these examinations 39 obtained a minimum of 3 A grades or better, with 4 achieving 4 A*/A grades.


At AS Level the pass rate of 98.95% is the best ever achieved by our Year 13 pupils, with an outstanding 41.8% of all entries achieving an A grade.  These results provide an excellent foundation on which to build for A Level success in 2018.  Once again they reflect the hard work of our students, the diligence of our teaching staff and the ongoing support of parents.


The 2017 GCSE results achieved in the Academy are once again extremely impressive.  Of the 189 pupils who sat GCSE examinations this year, 59.5% of all entries resulted in the top grades A*/A, and when B Grades are included this figure rises to 83.2%.  A very impressive total of 57 pupils, almost a third of the year group, obtained 9 A* or A Grades in 9 or more subjects.