21st September 2018

Schools’ Bible Project 2018

The Schools’ Bible Project Competition has been running for over 25 Years and attracts entries from schools across Britain.  This Year the focus of the competition was ‘Who Was He?’  Choosing from ‘Angels announce the birth of Jesus’, ‘The Wedding at Cana’, ‘Jesus Healing a Blind Man’, ‘Jesus Calms the Storm’, ‘Jesus is Crucified’ or ‘The Resurrection’, pupils had to write a description of the incident in their own words, as if they had been present.  They could choose to be one of the characters involved or invent a character for themselves.


Noah Schiess, Johnny Leathem, Aaron Millen, Poppy Cumming, Ellie Lindsay, Sarah-Rose McElroy, Zara Nummy, Euan Cumming, Erin Hillis and Adam Logan whose work was all described as being of a high standard have won copies of Luke’s Gospel, ‘A Spoke in the Wheel’ – The story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and ‘The Watchmaker’s Daughter’ – The Story of Corrie ten Boom.