Young Enterprise Success at Banbridge Academy

The Young Enterprise Company students from Banbridge Academy recently participated in the Young Enterprise Examination which is supported by the School of Business, Ulster University. 

The students enjoyed outstanding success being awarded 6 of the top 10 results across Northern Ireland.  There were only 7 Distinctions presented in NI and Banbridge Academy students received 4 of them – what a wonderful achievement:

Lucy Poole, Hannah Spence, Tyler Morrison and Katie Stinton  – Distinctions

Caolan O’Rouke and Sam McKnight – Commendable Credits

The budding entrepreneurial Academy students also achieved two other awards:

Customer Service Award for ‘Monke’ Candles

Outstanding Performance in Ulster University examination for Lucy Poole (1 of the Top 3 in NI)

Mr McLoughlin thanked Mrs Fitzsimons, Chief Executive, Young Enterprise for continuing to make the programme available in these challenging times and congratulated all the students who took part in the Young Enterprise Programme.  He also expressed his gratitude and thanks to Mrs Cathy Morrison (Regional YE Officer) and to Miss Elliott (TiC Young Enterprise) for facilitating the students in this very worthwhile and rewarding experience.