French Club

Learning another language is an essential skill to have in an ever-changing world and its benefits limitless. It allows us to become aware of different cultures, develop a greater understanding and appreciation for other people and customs, and provides opportunities to develop skills developed in other aspects of the curriculum.  

Modern Languages Club is open to all pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 who are interested in learning more about a variety of languages, countries, cultures, and traditions. Throughout the year we run different activities including crafts, interactive games, songs, films and some taste testing of local cuisine from a variety of countries! Some highlights from the year include the celebration of the European Day of Languages, Christmas and Easter celebrations from other countries as well as La Chandeleur. We also have the privilege of getting to know our Language Assistants and their culture.   

We meet every other Wednesday at breaktime, and you can keep an eye on the Daily Notices for announcements on the exact dates, times and events.  

All are welcome, and we would love to have you come along and join us as we explore the wonderful world of languages!