Banbridge Academy A Level Art Exhibition

The Banbridge Academy A Level art exhibition was a showcase of creativity and talent, celebrating the hard work and dedication of the students, as well as the guidance and inspiration provided by the teachers.

Retiring Head of Department Olga Casey, affectionately known as Mrs. Casey, has been part the art department at Banbridge Academy for over three decades. Her passion for nurturing young artists and fostering a creative environment has left an indelible mark on the school and its students. The A Level art exhibition served as a fitting tribute to her enduring dedication and influence on the artistic community within the school.

The exhibition featured an impressive array of artworks across various mediums, including paintings, sculptures, digital art, and mixed media pieces. The diversity of styles and themes on display reflected the individuality and talent of the students, showcasing their growth and artistic development under the guidance of the dedicated art department.

The retiring Head of Department, Olga Casey, shared her thoughts on the exhibition, expressing her pride in the students’ accomplishments and the joy of witnessing their artistic progression throughout their time at the academy. Mrs. Casey’s heartfelt reflections resonated with attendees, highlighting the profound impact of her mentorship and the legacy she leaves behind.

Teachers Emma McCullough and Patricia McKenzie, who have worked alongside Mrs. Casey, also received recognition for their instrumental roles in fostering creativity and providing unwavering support to the budding artists. Their combined efforts have helped cultivate a nurturing environment where students can explore their artistic visions and flourish as emerging talents.

The vibrant atmosphere at the exhibition exemplified the sense of community and encouragement that has been foundational to the students’ artistic journey at Banbridge Academy.